No Control Sheet Music & Piano Notes

Anyone who thought the ‘No Control‘ hype from the One Direction fandom was dying down a tad needs to make themselves a glass of tea and re-assess life, as this morning it’s shot time for the top on the trending topics on Twitter. YAS.

After a mindblowing campaign which saw the album track played on the air across the world, Directioners have created their particular music video to search alongside the time and effort and it’s really pretty great.

Download Sheet Music and Piano Notes

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So basically, 1D fans are simply sitting around and taking in each other’s awesomeness this morning. Another day, another slay. More about No Control sheet music.

Nearly monthly to the day considering that the epic No Control Day, the fandom’s work has not only landed ‘No Control’ inside the Billboard Trending charts, almost all caught a person’s eye of the boys themselves.

Now it’s rumoured how the track is planned to be added for the OTRA set list as a result of popular demand, so the only thing left to accomplish, in the same way a sparkly cherry on top on the whole frozen treats sundae, was produce a music vid for taking over the internet with.

The completely fan-made ‘No Control’ video features an awful lot of clips from the band dealing with the project, together with reminders of everything how the fandom has stuck together through in 2010, and footage coming from all YOU LOT looking glorious with dance moves that Leeroy will be proud of. Check No Control sheet music.

No Control Live Performance

Speaking of Leeroy, the playback quality is pretty much per-FECT, so have a close look here and celebrate your bad selves y’all:

Shall we all have somewhat of a clap for the gang behind this? BRAVO, BRAVA. It’s seriously so epic and they will probably write POETRY with this fandom campaign eventually.


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