Story Of My Life Sheet Music & Piano Notes

One Direction’s excellent Midnight Memories single Story of My Life’s only gone and grabbed a fancy gong in the 2015 BMI Pop Awards, hasn’t it?

Yup – for the reason that 1D lads apparently come with an infinite level of space within their trophy cabinets, the BMI lot thought they’d congratulate everyone involved in making their smash of a single now night’s swanky ceremony in Beverly Hills. Which obviously gave Niall Horan the right opportunity to jump on his suit and tie shiz (and bump into old X Factor pal Cher Lloyd aka Cher Bear.)

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Story of My Life was celebrated as one of BMI’s alongside famous brands Taylor Swift’s 22, John Legend’s All Of Me, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Rixton’s Me and My Broken Heart. It’s all quite exciting, really, considering now they’ve won something with regards to actual music as an alternative to ‘best hair’ or whatever. Not that an award for optimum hair isn’t fully necessary, obviously. Oh YOU GET WHAT WE MEAN. Check No Control sheet music.

Story Of My Life Official Video

Let’s remind ourselves precisely why it won, shall we?

Hooray and hoorah.

What d’ya label of that, then? happy with the fellas? Tweets over @sugarscape can be much appreciated, please and cheers.


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