Niall Horan Next James Bond?

If Daniel Craig has everything to do with it, appears to be Niall Horan may be suiting up for the following James Bond flick.
The star of the extremely recent 007 installment, Spectre, hitting U.S. theaters Nov. 6, offered his press when asked should the One Direction singer could fill the iconic secret service agent’s shoes and become perfect James Bond.

Craig told English radio station Capital FM he believes the hunky blond, 22, is often a “good man,” and will be “absolutely fabulous” inside films.

Horan. Niall Horan. Kind of features a ring going without running shoes, marriage ceremony?

The 47-year-old Brit also said his potential protégé would perform part justice, offering this recommendation to Horan as well as other future Bonds, whoever they can be: “Just have fun here and make it the most effective you can. That’s all I’ve ever tried with such films is usually to make the movies as memorable as you can.”

Big surprise, devoted 1D fans also support Horan’s celeb ambitions, already rallying behind a common #NiallForBond Twitter hashtag.

And if Niall does end up being the next James Bond, here’s hoping he’ll play matchmaker for example of his Bond girls and band mate Liam Payne, who recently confirmed his split from longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith.

How can you feel about the Irish boy-bander signing up for Bond? Sound off from the comments!


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