One Direction Releses ‘What a Feeling’ Single

One Direction happen to be slowly unveiling songs using their new album, Made in the A.M., that may come out Friday, plus the latest would be the plaintive track, “What a Feeling.”

The mid-tempo tune finds the fellows singing about precisely how they can’t get close enough to your girl they love and just how they feel like kings if they’re with her. The group’s Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne co-wrote the nostalgic-sounding tune with frequent collaborator Jamie Scott and a couple of newcomers, Daniel Bryer and Mike Needle. Check One Direction What a feeling sheet music page.

Tomlinson tweeted out a link to your tune, calling it “another banger” and suggested it was Payne’s favorite around the record. Rather than reply, his bandmate posted who’s was “one of [his] favorites.”

The song’s release follows a string of latest Made in the A.M. tracks, like the ballad “Love You Goodbye,” sing-along-ready “End of the Day” and folky “History.” They also released a song regarding their bad-boy personas, “Perfect.”

What a feeling

In an up to date interview with frequent One Direction collaborator Julian Bunetta, Rolling Stone suggested that Payne and Tomlinson had evolved into a formidable songwriting pair. “They’ve written some classics, those boys,” he replied. “The process is interesting because there’s many people in the room. … Everyone is very headstrong and incredibly, very talented, therefore it is a fight, a lot from the times. Sometimes it takes days before all of us agree on something. It’s a good fight!”


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